Monday, September 6, 2010

Bad Breastfeeding Advice

To mommies out there, if ada yang memberi advice sebegini rupa, jangan terus-terus percaya. Bertanya kepada mereka yang arif . 

Ni antara bad breastfeeding advice adalah :

1. *Switch breasts every 5-7 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.  
Never watch the clock when you are nursing. Baby will tell you that he is done by pulling off of your    breast or falling asleep. When baby is finished with one breast, offer the second, though baby may or may not take it. 

2.  *It won’t hurt to give one bottle of formula, a pacifier, etc: 
Both bottles and pacifiers can cause nipple confusion. With a bottle, baby may also decide he likes the faster flow of a bottle and may refuse the breast. Artificial nipples should only be introduced once nursing has been well established for a minimum of 3 weeks.
Milk production is a supply and demand process. If you give baby that one bottle of formula, your body will think baby doesn’t need as much milk, and will decrease your supply. With a lower supply, you will have to supplement with more formula, your body will continue to decrease your supply, and you’ll soon be down to nothing.

3. *Give baby a little cereal in a bottle; it will help him sleep through the night.  
Babies need NOTHING but breastmilk until at least 6 months of age. This cuts down on developing food allergies and gives the digestive tract time to mature. All babies are different, and giving cereal will not always guarantee sleeping through the night. 

Ada banyak lagi nasihat-nasihat yang dirasakan tidak benar mengenai breastfeeding. Untuk info selanjut nya , boleh click SINI .  

Info : http://mother-2-mother.com/bad-advice.htm 

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