Friday, October 29, 2010

calculating premature age

Umar was a premature baby. He was born at 32 weeks and admitted at the NICU for 14 days (more or less). However, we are thankful that he survived. And we are thankful too that he is growing well without much complications and is following the growth chart accordingly.

Anyway, if any of you is concern about your development of your premature baby, maybe it will help to know that you should use corrected age rather than the chronological age.

Research has found that it is much, much more realistic to use "corrected age" as a measure of premature baby development.
In short...

Calculating Your Baby's Adjusted Age: Example
  • Chronological age: 20 weeks
  • The number of weeks your baby was premature: 6 weeks
  • Subtract the number of weeks premature from the chronological age (this is your baby's adjusted age): 20 weeks minus 6 weeks equal 14 weeks.
  • Divide your baby's adjusted age in weeks by 4 to determine your baby's adjusted age in months: 14 divided by 4 equals 3 ½ months.

That also means that Umar is actually (69 - 8 = 61) months-old or 5 years and one month.

Which i can say that he is doing very well. But as i have wrote in previous post, don't worry too much and at the same time, use your motherly instincts.

source: http://www.marchofdimes.com/prematurity/29675_28115.asp

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