Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nursing Wear

Wah, arin dah bukak cerita pasal nursing in public, i nak tambah perisalah ya,

Now this is my story.

Breastfeeding in public, to some is a public offense even in overseas. In my opinion, it shouldn't be. It is such a natural act, but being natural doesn't mean we have to show bare areas. Covering aurat is compulsory. However, nursing can be done discreetly. There are several ways to do so and using nursing wear is one.

What is a nursing wear? A nursing wear is a two layer clothes that will help you nurse discreetly in public while also ensuring that the baby has an easy time suckling.

When i started breastfeeding, I couldn't care much about nursing wear. But after an embarrassing event (i nursed Hamzah under a cctv, i just hope i was outside the coverage area) i told myself to wear another layer of clothing under my outfit.

However as known to all, there are not much choices. Seriously, if you want to venture into business, i think this is a potential one.

A problem is always an opportunity. Betul tak?

I have tried selling nursing cover (that was on 2007) and since then, many creative mothers had come out with their products. Senang je nak buat rupanya, too bad, i ni kerastangan. :P

To date, i am a proud owner of 2 nursing cover, 8 t-shirts and a camisole for nursing purposes. And they aren't enough.

Can never be enough rite?

I got bored using the same shirts over and over again. Sometimes i wonder why is it hard for the products to be made available easily in Malaysia. Of course you can buy online like from motherwear, payment is in USD. Very costly for a thrifty person like me.

By the way, I have a few blog entries that were tagged with nursing clothes.

1. The entry when i received the nursing shirt i bought from mamaparadise, waktu tu baru ada 7 helai.

2. Another entry that mentioned about a camisole to be worn under regular shirts or baju kurung. Quite pricey but worth every cents because it can be used as layer to every single clothes i have. Tapi sekarang Malaysia panas, nak layer-layer ni tak tahan la.

3. Entry on nursing openings here, (at the same time trying to persuade the husband to add more to my collection, but till now tak pernah berjaya. :p).

Talking about openings, there are many types of openings and you can see it here. Of course you can always do-it-yourself, or alter your existing clothes. If i can sew, i'd probably DIY my clothes to any nursing openings and it is not impossible.

The one i love most?

Something like this.

Stylish, chic, and it has holes. Of course i already have one with exact design, but as i have said earlier, we can never have enough clothes, right?


Anyway, now that i have started wearing abaya full-time, i find it is much easier to nurse, anywhere anytime.

You don't have to spend so much, just be creative, and you'll be fine.

Note: This entry was posted in my personal blog for a contest in May 2009. I didn't win anything but i am happy nonetheless.

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