Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stress Boleh Menyebabkan Kekurangan Susu Badan?

Siapa yang tak pernah mengalami situasi di mana susu merundum turun , kan? Pengalaman aku menyusukan Zara setakat ini yang mencecah hampir 19 bulan, memang selalu aku mengalami low supply of breast milk due to stress. Tapi macamana nak avoid low supply of milk bila stress?

Antara yang selalu aku lakukan:

1. Relax. Seberat mana stress yang kita hadapi, adakala kita kena take it easy. Kena relax dan tenangkan diri. 
2. Take care of ourselves. Minum secukupnya dan makan makanan yang berkhasiat.
3. Cuba menyusukan anak sekerap yang boleh.

Ni antara artikel yang boleh dikongsi bersama due to low milk supply akibat stress :

The effect of stress on breast milk production by Brooke Cheely
( http://www.helium.com/items/733385-the-effect-of-stress-on-breast-milk-production)

I can tell you from experience, when your stress level is high, your milk production is low. Your body is already working double time to produce the milk. Although you are no longer pregnant, your body's nutrients are still escaping through your milk to your baby. Adding stress on top of your already rigorous, demanding routine will cause your body to slow down its processes of producing milk.

In the meantime, I had continued the argument that had caused my stressful state for about 10 minutes. This added to my already stressful day. When my second break of the day came along, I headed up to the lactation room, hoping to get a good supply. To my dismay, I again produced only two ounces from both breasts. I was upset and worried for my child. Why couldn't I produce more? Was my supply running out? Would I have to switch to formula? I prayed I was wrong on all three accounts.

That night, I resolved my stressful argumentative situation, and received a good night's sleep. I continued my eating and drinking habits as normal, and went to work. This time, during my lactation breaks, I was able to produce more than 5 ounces at each break. I was ecstatic, and knew that as long as I keep stress levels low, I would be fine when it comes to lactating. It is impossible to eliminate stressful situations altogether, but my advice is to eliminate what you can, and resolve arguments as soon as possible, because the person really feeling the consequences is your baby, and that is the last person that should ever have to be affected by your stress.
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